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Building partnerships to address school-related gender based violence: A case study in Burkina Faso

School-related gender based violence (SRGBV) is a global phenomenon. Ranging from bullying to corporal punishment and sexual assault, the occurrence creates a negative, unsafe environment for students and teachers alike. SRGBV is a complex issue, the roots of which stem from unequal gender norms reproduced in the classroom and a power imbalance between teacher and students. In countries like Burkina Faso, SRGBV represents a barrier to education for girls, particularly for those entering secondary school. A number of local organizations in Burkina Faso are working to address the topic. For this paper, I present a case study of one organization in Ouagadougou and its teacher training programming to identify SRGBV, prevent occurrences, and to promote the benefits of girls’ education. This research paper aims to identify approaches to engage teachers to identify and prevent SRGBV in Burkina Faso. These approaches may be applied to other contexts to mobilize teachers to be change-agents for gender equality, starting in the classroom. This paper is grounded in the feminist theory and a GAD (gender and development) approach to development.